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St. James offers "Singing Rooster" Haitian Arabica Blue Mountain coffee; supporting farmers, increasing sustainability and helping fund hot school lunches.
9 Williams Street • Clinton, New York 13323
Rev. Timothy Reger
Services Saturday 4 pm and Sunday 9:30am
Sunday School and Nursery  9:30 am

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During Lent, we collect money for our outreach mission in Haiti. Special envelopes are located in the pews. Learn more...

March 29 Palm Sunday begins in the Parish Hall 
Bring music/noise makers
Flutes, rattles, whistles, bells, drums, shakers, party noise makers!
After the Blessing of the Palms: “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord” we all shout “Hosanna in the highest!” and then process - "church speak" for walk (parade) - into the Sanctuary, making a joyful noise. We continue processing. Twice we pause for a short prayer. After much processing and joyful noise making, we sing the opening hymn and find our seats in the pews...and the Palm Sunday service continues.

There is also service on Saturday March 28, 4pm

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St. James is located at 9 Williams Street in Clinton, NY.
St. James is a community where we come together in Christ to develop spiritually; find opportunities for outreach; receive comfort when in need;  and engage in sacred experiences through  our liturgy, music, fellowship, and mutual ministry.
St. James welcomes all.
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    St. James Episcopal Church
    9 Williams Street • Clinton, New York 13323  • 315 853 5359

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