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Learning Communities Initiative

St. James, Clinton, is participating in the Docesean Learning Communities Initiative (LCI). In this discernment process, we consider our unique response to the question "When you consider the gifts you have been given and the needs of our world, what future do you imagine God is bringing forth in our midst?"

Representatives from thirty three parishes in the Diocese of Central New York gathered in mid February to take part in the Learning Communities Initiative kick-off.  Can you spot the St. James' folk?

For the start of this journey, we would like each of you to notice "God Sightings" - places or times when you see God at work in your life, where you live, work, and play. Click here to see some God Sightings...

We invite you to share these, either through story or pictures by sending them to us at or placing them in the Learning Communities Initiative mail box (across from the water fountain in the St James parish wing). Let us know if we may share with others at a future parish potluck, on Facebook, or at a Diocesan-wide LCI meeting. Indicate if you want stories/photos to be credited to your name or if you prefer to be anonymous.

To learn more, contact any of the LCI facilitators:

Charles Abraham,
Karen Anderson
Kathy Collett
Patricia Jue
Deborah Lucas-Mott, and
Terry Neil

in person  or by e-mail at

      Contact us if your have any questions or needs.
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